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some disney thrown in for good measure.
when i'm sad i reblog disney princess face
characters; you have been warned. ♥

best question hehe <3

1. belle - she is selfless and i believe that her and the beast have true love and that makes me happy. i model my life on her, she has had a big impact on me.

2. anna - she is the most like me as a princess because she is so clumsy and awkward. i like that she is obsessed with true love and i love her and kristoff.

3. ariel - i admire ariel’s determination and she has good taste in men …

4. punz - her use of the word ‘like’ is really irritating but she is really cute and i love how big her dreams are i miss having dreams.

5. tiana - the only princess who i feel really truly wants something out of life and naveen is just kind of a secondary to that which i like.

thank you for asking! ask me my top 5 …

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