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thank you for asking honey <33

1. alocasia - it’s empty but lovely and i have always found the stuff i put in there looks really lovely. and i like square-ness it suits me.

2. dragon valley - perf world. it’s so different but really well done and the lots are so inventive and stuffs.

3. apaloosa plains - i don’t have pets installed because it’s huge and laggy and a waste of my time but i really miss apaloosa plains as i just really liked this world.

4. sunlit tides - i really like sunlit tides apart from the whole there is too much water and hills and stuff. 

5. isla paradiso - it’s a nice world and has a lot added to it which i like, but it’s too big and the islands kind of annoy me.

send me an ask with top 5 …. sims or not!

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