She is so stupidly cute

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this is what it’s like when i decorate a house :L i stick everything i want in there and then spend ages sorting it :p hopefully i’ll be able to go in game tomorrow and make it beaaautiful :) will post wip pictures.

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marley as ariel and beth as belle 

yaaaay i can finally announce the founders of my new legacy! meet my new sim tavi prior (divergent is having too much influence on me atm). she’s kind of different to my normal sims but with a hint of me in there (those eyes are recognisble haha). she is dating harry by luisassims! i have admired harry for a long time i am so lucky to have him in game <3

thank you again to everyone who sent me a male sim - they are all sitting in my sim bin ready to marry the children of these guys <3 i will send you all a gift soon xxx

Zarina transforming the fairies into their ordinary clothes

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Anonymous inquired:

wcif that hair marley has in the retro picture (with the red dress) ?


I didn’t take the picture sweetie you should ask my friend bellesgrotto

hi pixie’s anon! it’s from here :)

Loading my game is so painful - I have to start it three times before it loads :( this is why I can’t get in game much :’(

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TWINS! welcome to the world indie and melody huff 

that sorted it thank you :)

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i don’t know why i love this so much 


My boyfriends best friend just text me to tell me he watched Frozen yesterday and loved it - that’s when you know your disney obsession has maybe gone a bit far that people need to tell you about their experiences :p

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I’ve made my new legacy founder (girl) :D I am really happy with her - she’s different to my other sims but I like that about her :) I didn’t have time to do photos but hopefully tomorrow I will :) I still have some other stuff in game and I haven’t done yet too!

I have picked the partner to my heir as well :) I shall reveal when I do the photoshoot but I’m excited. All the boys are gorgeous though, and all of them will be used in the legacy a some point - I am so grateful to all of you for sending them to me. If you ever want any of my sims please just drop me a message (now so it!! Pick your fave and message me!!) I love to share with kind people like you :) xxx

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