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After playing The Sims 4 for 5 hours.. I’m even more disappointed. First of all, I logged in expecting my sims in the demo I made, but my library was empty..

The game is really smooth and the animations are great, the interactions are amazing. The graphics are stunning. But it gets boring quick. The towns even with two, are really small. I couldn’t find ONE good looking guy for my sim to marry. There was literally 1-3 single dudes and they weren’t attractive. MANY pretty girls though! Also, A LOT of elders. Cooking is cool. I’m kinda disappointed I can’t make my sims go out to dinner for a proposal? My sims got married and they both kept their own last name which I found odd? 

Again were stuck with identical boring infants. The infant has really dark skin and brown eyes and no hair. But when it grew into a child had the PALEST skin and red hair and blue eyes. :/ I loved in sims 2 how you could see the eye colour and hair colour by the eyebrows

It runs smooth but I tried to change the appearance of a child and got a never ending load screen.. So I literally lost the whole kid cus I forgot to save after he was born. I also crashed randomly in create a sim. It definitely has a lot of issues that need to be fixed.  Also infants go to DAYCARE when both parents are at work?? The baby just disappears. You don’t even get to see a babysitter. Some things you can just tell the developers were kinda lazy or left out cause of time restraints. 

I don’t find my sims leaving the house very often because they have to do their work challenges and work on their aspiration challenges.  You also can’t turn off the tutorial which is annoying as heck. You have to like do it manually somehow which I can’t be bothered. Oh and this one chick. She kept showing up to my house uninvited. I talked to her once and she just KEEPS coming?? Like every few hours?? It’s super annoying. She’ll say she has to leave and she’ll come back in an hour. It was funny at first but got annoying.

The camera movement also sucks. I even put it on sims 3 camera mode. Edge scrolling seems super slow. 

I want to love this game so much ;_; And I do! It just really needs a lot of updates and work. I already can’t wait for toddlers and expansions so my sims have something to do… 

honesty appreciated :) 

Agree with a hefty part of this.

Actually found this a really interesting read thank you! It told me stuff about the game I didn’t know already so that was nice. It confirmed what I think I already know - normally I wait until after they have updated the game before buying it with sims. I haven’t this time and I think I’ll probably play it once and put it away …

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So obviously a society that sends their kids out into the woods with super powered monsters at the ripe old age of ten has got to have a way different education system than we’ve got. Since Sam spends a good deal of time at school, I figured I should probably explain out…

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The Sims 4 Cheat list


To open up a cheat console, press CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the following cheat codes you want and press enter!

  • ”Help” – Lists all available commands into the comand console. This will only list cheats available to the players.
  • ”resetSim {FirstName} {LastName}” – Resets the Sim.
  • ”fullscreen” –…
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IF YOU LOVE ANIMATION, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! One of the best edited videos I have EVER seen! The story goes so smoothly and character from your favorite movies make an appearance. The music just goes so well with the whole plot.

Why…why am I close to tears right now? Omg…

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Enjoying people’s ts4 photos :) I actually think the release date is so bad though cos you’re all staying up late the day you to back to school :L! EA stop taking people away from learning haha. I’m still waiting for my copy cos they don’t like us over here in the UK and we still have a few more days to wait :p

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The Sims 4: Fixing "Blurry" or "Grainy" Looking Sims


Thanks to pixelswirl for the heads up!

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What hair is thissss? Thought it was drawn but not the first time I’ve seen it :p

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You know when our Facebook feed was filled with ice bucket challenge videos? I feel like this is happening on simblr but it’s post about leaving ts3 or not lol

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I love how obsessed you are with Disney & Harry Potter we are literately the same person!



sending loveeeeeeee <333!!

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Iris Tonnie - Ravenclaw House

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Kida Nedakh - Gryffindor House

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Francine Maxwell - Hufflepuff House

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Elsa Anderson - Ravenclaw House

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Coraline Bones - Gryffindor House

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