Sneaky peak at my upcoming followers gift! 

It’ll probably be posted tomorrow evening unless a load of you suddenly decide to unfollow me haha! 

OMG. I am going to cry. This girl
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hylasims I know right hehe! He is lovely and knows me very well :p

teeejboo oh don’t be silly you don’t have to give me anything!! Iluu so much I need to know when all your birthdays are so I make sure I plan for them! I still owe hyla birthday presents :(

sugarbuttsims thank you so much! I spent ages on them and hope they looked okay haha! I learnt a lot doing them :)

rayscho OMG we are so similar I love it! I told boyfriend and he was like ‘no way you have a twin!!!’ Haha!

simblrcakez wickedsims dazzlesims OMG you guys you are tooooo lovely to me!!! sarcasticsmiler I’ll fight you for it hehe >:]

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Disney Fairies 

Disney’s Fairies 

it’s this little dudes birthday already! happy birth Frankie 

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Beth wanted to work in the garden so Jonah and Frankie thought they would come out and join her 

rayscho inquired:

After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favourite followers :))

eeeeee i <3333 u!

  • i drink different drinks out of different types of glasses. like water has to be in a glass, juice in a mug, but i have separate cups for apply juice. i never really thought it was weird until my boyfriend moved in and laughed at me haha.
  • i am an extreme rule follower. i’ve never drunk alcohol or smoked or anything, or had detention or been in trouble for anything. 
  • considering i am like this, my favourite tv shows are things like Suits and Entourage which are totally all about drugs and breaking the rules and stuff haha.
  • however on the other end of the spectrum i really like watching pre-school shows like Dora the Explorer and Bubble Gubbies (anyone else a fan?!)
  • after the first half hour of a movie i reaaaally lose focus, i don’t like when action starts to happen i’m into character building and scene setting.
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frankie enjoying morning cuddles from mummy and daddy 

awh see beth he’s not so bad 

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beth has suddenly realised the consequences of having a baby … but his cry is cute right beth?

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Even though my birthday is on Monday my boyfriend gave me my presents today because we’re travelling to see my parents tomorrow and there was a lot of stuff he didn’t want to carry. I am so lucky!!! We’ve wanted Entourage for ages but it was too expensive but I’ve been treated :D and Disney themed pandora beads and a card that is literally so me I am so happy ☺️❤️


My Tumblr Crushes:

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Things You Do at a Wedding That’d Be Creepy Anywhere Else - Video

The end one cracked me up.

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Meet Frankie Huff 

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20 Day Disney Princess Challenge Day 14 Prettiest Princess: Belle

This one was difficult because I think all of the Princesses are beautiful in different ways. But in the end Belle won…it’s no wonder that her name means Beauty…