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I always find it funny when people my age kiss on the cheek! My boyfriend’s best friend stayed with us tonight and he kissed me in the cheek and I always find it so weird haha. It’s been nice to have him stay, it was really last minute but it’s been good for boyfriend as they were inseparable at university. He hasn’t seen our flat before so was nice for him to come. But he and boyfriends other best friend are thinking of moving to London together which is going to make boyfriend left out … I’m a bit worried that he will feel bad about it. I want to move to london, but I have to put work first.

Meh idk … Anyway :p I’m off to bed will so further banner requests Wednesday night :) I only have one ATM so feel free to send some through!

Night xo

All your sims are adorable!!! I can't get over how cute they are <3 Ok that's really all. Have a great day! :D

oh my word this is so sweet thank you so much!!! this was amazing <333

I would love a banner for my legacy! If you are able to do it, I would like it to say "Wyatts Legacy" on top, in two shades of teal and generation one underneath? I am about to start generation two, so if that part is not two hard maybe one of both? If it is, no worries! And to the right side would be great! Thank you so much for offering to make banners. I love following your posts and your legacy and I love how kind you are to those that follow you! (:


hi walking-in-between88! i have done it for you >.< i hope it’s okay! i have done all 10 generations for so if you make it to 10 gens and want the same banner you can :} get them here. + thanks so much for the really lovely comments! i like to give back to my followers where i can >.<


want to request your own banner? see this page!

Hi! I wanted to rent a custom banner! I would like the banner to say "The London Legacy". I want the writing underneath, and would like for it to say "Gen 1" I would like two colors: Cyan & a blue-green color. (aslo, could you make the words in the banner purple?) I would like for it to be in the center, and I would like the "KG A Little Swag" style. Thank you sooooo much. It's really helpful!

hi simssilver! here you go :} i hope the colours are okay. couldn’t do the purple writing :( really tried but the font is formatted enough for me to do it.

have done all generations for you, for if you get past generation 1 and want to keep using these :} get them here.


want to request your own banner? see this page!

Hey, I know it sounds a little greedy (and please feel free to say no if it's too much) but could you maybe do 2 banners for me, 1 in light blue and grey saying 'The Flynn Legacy' and the other in peach, pink and purple saying 'Solace 100 BB Rainbowcy'? <3

hi winchestersims :} both can be found separately here!


want to request your own banner? see this page!

Ally throws a party later that evening, so AJ and Quinton head over there. Morgan and Jillian have had a baby! Meet the first great-grandkid, Vincente Huff!

Brady is ignored by his parents who are off gallivanting in other areas of the house. Don’t worry Brady, Jonah is pretty pro at this kid thing now.

Grace loves staying over at her Grandmas <3

Grace was over visiting Dakota but when she finds out everyone is going over to her Grandmas she rushes over. Grace decides to stay the night, and takes on the role of chief babysitter!

it’s so weird that this is her uncle haha.

I sent AJ, Quinton and Brady over to see Jonah and Beth so that they could meet their youngest grandkid.

Lacie is an adorable toddler <3

like mother, like daughter

AJ gives birth to a little boy, Brady Huff!

AJ goes into labour at Grace’s birthday party, and the family really can’t deal with it!

totally a Huff.

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